I grew up in a musical family, with parents interested in jazz and classical music. I have two very talented brothers who are also musicians, some professionally. I've played an instrument for most of my life, and enjoy connecting musically with other humans. I play the upright bass, electric bass, and some guitar too.

I'm currently part of a band called Lunar Noon. The image for this section is us in gingerbread form.


Jazz jam sessions in SF

Disclaimer: this content was created pre-covid. Double check info with the venue!

When I first came to San Francisco, I was curious to find out where people played live music, jazz especially. I couldn't find an extensive resource with maps, hours and other info. I decided that the easiest way was probably to go and play at all these places and ask around. That's exactly what I did, and this map is the result. Maps like this are hard to keep up to date so if you see something new or wrong, head over to the contact section.

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