Anti Resume

Behind every resume is an anti-resume, brimming with failures and setbacks.


    Tough (on myself)
    Can be told what I can and cannot do
    Expert bike shedder


    Was asked to pick an instrument, and picked the wrong one
    I thought the French horn was called the clarinet.
    5 years old
    Gave up on clarinet
    My parents made me play for 3 years. The contract came to an end. I did not renew.
    8 years old
    Gave up on table tennis
    I played competitively but found it too frustrating
    15 years old
    Tried getting back into clarinet
    15 years old
    Gave up on the clarinet, again
    16 years old
    Got 5/20, 6/20, and 9/20 in biology, written French, and oral French respectively in my junior high school year for the baccalauréat
    I made all the points back by getting 19/20 in physical education the following year
    17 years old
    Started playing World of Warcraft
    20 years old
    Gave up on becoming a professional musician
    22 years old
    Dropped out halfway into my masters program
    23 years old
    Started playing Starcraft 2
    Graduated from World of Warcraft university with a major in guild management, and minors in servers 5ths, and forum drama.
    26 years old
    Gave up on a career in business development
    30 years old
    Got rejected from Hack Reactor.
    30 years old
    31 years old
    Exercised Brandless stock options
    33 years old
    Stopped climbing
    Too many injuries
    34 years old
    Stopped being a homeowner
    35 years old
    Stopped meditating
    35 years old